About Us

Change is universal – transition is personal

I created TRANZITION Consulting Services after working nearly 30 years in various senior corporate positions. Like everyone, I have witnessed the impact of change from both a personal and professional perspective and came to the conclusion that while change is inevitable the way we deal with it can either support our growth, or hinder it.

In times of mergers and acquisitions, of downsizing, of global economy, one’s professional life is rarely in a state of permanence. There is the excitement of entering or re-entering the job market, the apprehension of leaving it to retire, the ups and downs of promotions and demotions, the uncertainties of relocation, perhaps that of being part of a new team, having a new boss, or completely reorienting one’s career. All these changes - and I have been through most of them – are an integral part of our professional life. How we cope with them determines, in great part, our quality of life.