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Not everyone makes it, but most could
How effective transition can make the difference

“Change is what people go through. Transition is what they experience. The first takes place around them; the second takes place inside them.”
– H. Kafoury

The end of a year and the dawn of a new one are upon us, or are they? 2011 has ended and 2012 hasbegun at the stroke of midnight for all people around the world. The change of date was clear to all. And yet, how people experienced that stroke of midnight heralding the end and beginning of a year was far from universal. Each one of us has experienced the ending of 2011 and has embraced the beginning of 2012 quite differently. For some it was cause for celebration; for others it may have been one for concern. It is in this nuance of change that the importance of transition is made clear – that the experience of change is what will determine an organization’s ability to thrive on or get bogged down by it.

Organizations typically spend a great deal of time on strategic planning, change planning and leadership, and considerably less time on transition planning and management – the art and science of achieving real organizational change through their workforce. An organization’s ability to anticipate people’s reactions to major change, along with its ability to intervene and communicate is what will ultimately determine the results brought about by that change. I have seen, in my almost 30 years in business, many corporate leaders underestimate the “people factor” when