Tranzition Capsule

Moving your business to the next level begins with a good ending

"You can’t begin before you end."
– H. Kafoury

It may seem counterintuitive to begin with the end – but that is how good beginnings usually begin. I am not being esoteric or mystical about this. The simple fact of life, and of business, is that the reason people or organizations get stuck has more to do with their difficulty in dealing with “endings” than with “beginnings”. It may seem like human nature to hang on to the familiar, the tested and true, even though the “tested and true” may mean bankrupting oneself emotionally or one’s business financially. But it’s not just human nature – it’s neurotic.

Remember the movie “Cast Away”? (If not, it’s worth seeing just to learn about dealing with “endings”.) In the movie, the main character (played by Tom Hanks) succeeds in surviving alone on a tiny island for four years, after his plane crashes in the middle of the ocean. The turning point comes when Hanks decides to build a makeshift raft and leave his island home – a difficult decision since his chances of survival on the open ocean are slim to none. However, consider his choices: a) die alone on a forsaken island or b) die alone on a raft, albeit sooner. Hanks picks “b” and decides to “let go” of his safe haven, in spite of his fears. He would never have seriously considered building his escape raft, and actually sail away, had he not first let go of the idea to stay in his now all-too familiar situation, his tested and true.

One of the reasons people resist change is that change ultimately brings “endings”, and these usually involve losses, even if the change represents